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Scott Meyers' work on his new "Effective C++" book, tentatively titled Effective Modern C++, progresses with an updated draft table of contents and sample Item available:

Book Report: New Title, New TOC, New Sample Item

by Scott Meyers

Highlights from the article:

I recently finished the 32nd Item for the book, thus giving me drafts of five full chapters. The math still shows that about 40 Items will fit in the book's allotted 300 pages, so yesterday I took a hatchet to the prospective table of contents and chopped the number of Items down from 51 to 41. (Why 41? Because I have a feeling that one of the Items I've written will eventually get jettisoned as not being important enough to make the final cut.)  Here's the current draft TOC....

[Table of Contents -- read it, just the titles give useful guidance]

... The most recent Item I wrote was "Distinguish () and {} when creating objects." I blogged about one aspect of this topic here, and I thought you might be interested to see what I came up with. I've therefore made the current draft of this Item available, and I welcome your comments on it. Like almost all Items I've written, it's too long, so I'm especially interested in suggestions on how I can make it shorter, but I welcome all suggestions for improvement.

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Gorpik said on Mar 24, 2014 01:41 AM:

Are the examples in page 7, lines 30 and 33, correct? I mean, I understand that they would work if 'w6' and 'w7' were declared as 'Widget', but I am not sure if they work the same if we type-specify them with 'auto'.

If the examples are correct, the previous line "Creating an object from another object of the same type [...]" might be expressed more clearly; if you use 'auto', there is no such thing as a "same type", because it is not specified.