C++11/14 Standard & Standardization--Peter Sommerlad

Peter Sommerlad on C++11 and C++14 Standard(s) and Standardization:

Peter Sommerlad on C++11 and C++14 Standard(s) and Standardization

Created by Peter Sommerlad March 6, 2014

From the presentation:

Why is C++ in again?

• more computing per Watt!
  • mobile - battery powered
  • servers - cloud computing
  • high-performance computing & GPUs
• better abstractions than C
  • without performance price (e.g. of a VM)
  • embedded (higher-level type safety)
  • security (buffer overruns, pointers)

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Mark said on Mar 21, 2014 12:40 PM:

The information is fine, but egads, this is one of the busiest slide decks I've ever seen! It looks like the balance between what is written and what is said was not properly struck.
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Mantosh Kumar said on Mar 21, 2014 11:38 PM:

There is mistake on the slide number:19, title: C++11 Compiler support?. GCC 4.8.1 version has complete c++11 implementation(In slide 3.8.1 has been mentioned).