CppQuiz.org officially launched -- Anders Schau Knatten

Anders Schau Knatten recently launched the new site CppQuiz.org inspired largely by Olve Maudal's C++ pub quizzes. So grab a refreshing beverage, pull up a chair, and try a few to start off the first week of December...

CppQuiz.org officially launched!

by Anders Schau Knatten

From the announcement:

What is it

CppQuiz.org is (as you might have guessed by now) an online C++ quiz. Each question is a full C++ program, and you are to figure out what its output is. I stole this format from Olve Maudal's pub quizzes, but with one major difference: While his quizzes are about what happens on his computer (which is very interesting for a more interactive format), CppQuiz.org asks about what the standard mandates the output to be. If the example code doesn’t compile, or has unspecified/undefined behaviour, you answer that.

The site will just keep throwing questions at you (training mode), optionally giving you a hint and finally give you a full explanation of the answer, with references to the C++11 standard. If you want, you can however start a new quiz (quiz mode), and get a fixed number of questions. At the end you get a score, and a link to give your friends to see if they can beat you. Neither mode requires you to register or log in.

How you can help

If you like the quiz and want to help, there are many ways to do so:

  • Create your own questions, as many have done
  • Help improve the design (pull requests, e-mail, Twitter)
  • Help improve the functionality (pull requests, e-mail, Twitter)
  • Any other feedback (comments to this post, e-mail, Twitter)

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