Dive into C++11 (#3)—Automatic lifetime, pointers, dynamic allocation

[Note: Automatic lifetime is indeed the right default -- correct and efficient. When you need to use the heap, however, note that you should now use unique_ptr (or if necessary shared_ptr via make_shared) instead of explicit new and delete. -- Ed.]


Hello again, I’m Vittorio Romeo, a computer science student, hobbyist game developer and C++ enthusiast.

I’ve uploaded the third episode of “Dive into C++11” on my YouTube channel.

In this episode we'll take a break from game development to delve into C and C++'s memory and lifetime management.

We'll talk about automatic variable lifetime, pointers in general and dynamic memory allocation.

The intended audience for this tutorial/screencast are people who have some experience with C++ in general, and who watched the previous episodes. This episode may be very interesting for those with experience with C++ who want to learn more about variable lifetime and memory management.

I greatly appreciate comments and criticism, and ideas for future videos/tutorials.

Feel free to fork/analyze the source code at: https://github.com/SuperV1234/Tutorials

You can find the previous episodes here:

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