Learn How To Program... with C++ -- Kate Gregory

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kate-gregory-v2.jpgDo you know a beginner who'd like to learn C++? Or even just learn how to program... using C++?

Recently, C++ author and trainer Kate Gregory made a new 7-hour course available via Pluralsight. And not just any introductory course, but teaching C++ the way it should be taught... not "C and pointers first."

It's highly-rated, as with all of Kate's courses. Know about it and recommend it to newcomers.

Learn How to Program with C++

Instructor: Kate Gregory

If you've never programmed before, and you think you'd like to learn C++, why not learn it first? This course covers what you need to start writing real applications in C++.

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Mary said on Nov 25, 2014 08:34 AM:

Great Programming techniques should have to learn to the Students according to there capabilities and for beginners if they have little bit touch or familiar with C then C++ is very easy for them to Understand and they can code by themselves efficiently.