Deleted Functions in C++11 -- Fang Lu

Here is a quick overview of =delete from the IBM Cafe's tour of C++ features.

Note: This summary article focuses on applying =delete to special member functions, which is a main use case. However, be aware that that's only part of the story, because =delete can also apply to regular member function and free function overloads to suppress specific overloads with nice compile-time errors. We invite authors to write about this aspect as well -- just write about it on your own blog and and send us a link to your post via 'Suggest an Article' at the top of this page (you must be logged in to to see this option).

Deleted functions in C++11

by Fang Lu

The deleted functions feature is introduced into the C++11 standard. In this article, I will explain this feature and provide some examples on how to use it...

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