A Tour of C++ -- Bjarne Stroustrup

tour.jpgBjarne Stroustrup's new book is now available:

A Tour of C++

by Bjarne Stroustrup

(see on Amazon)

From the announcement:

The tone of the book is set when the author uses an analogy to reference "A Tour of C++." He writes, "...think of a short sightseeing tour of a city, such as Copenhagen or New York. In just a few hours, you are given a quick peek at the major attractions, told a few background stories, and usually given some suggestions about what to see next. You do not know the city after such a tour. You do not understand all you have seen and heard. To really know a city, you have to live in it, often for years. However, with a bit of luck, you will have gained a bit of an overview, a notion of what might be special about the city, and ideas of what might be of interest to you. After the tour, the real exploration can begin."

Much of "A Tour of C++" is written as though the reader is having a friendly chat about C++ programming with the author.

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