Startup Cloudius announces OSv, a new C++ open-source VM operating system

Froosv.PNGm Cloudius comes OSv: An alternative to Linux running in a virtual machine, written in modern C++. Cloudius is a startup formed by a group of ex-Red Hat OS virtualization experts.

Announcement: OSv, a new open-source operating system for virtual machines

InformationWeek, Charles Babcock: "Cloudius Takes On Linux as Cloud OS"

From the announcement:

Another refreshing feature of OSv is that is written in C++. It's been 40 years since Unix was (re)written in C, and the time has come for something better.

C++ is not about writing super-complex type hierarchies (as some people might have you believe). Rather, it allowed us to write shorter code with less boiler-plate repetition and less chances for bugs. It allowed us to more easily reuse quality code and data structures. And using newly standardized C++11 features, we were able to write safe concurrent code with standard language features instead of processor-specific hacks. And all of this with zero performance overheads -- most of C++'s features, most notably templates, are compile-time features which result in no run-time overhead compared to C code.


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Bjarne Stroustrup said on Sep 18, 2013 04:28 PM:

Curiously, the OSv page does not mention support for C++ application developement. Maybe that's considered obvious?
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octoploid said on Sep 19, 2013 03:04 AM:

I think they will only support the Java virtual machine, that
will be integrated into the kernel.
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nyh said on Sep 20, 2013 03:36 AM:

Hi, yes, OSv can definitely run C++ applications. In fact, the JVM itself is nothing more than a C++ application running on OSv.
Glauber Costa wrote a blog entry about the question of what can run on OSv - take a look:
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Bjarne Stroustrup said on Sep 20, 2013 06:44 AM:

I thought as much, but it would be nice if they actually mentioned C++. Just imagine a world where every C++powered gadget had a "C++ inside" sticker on it grin