Pre-Chicago standards papers mailing available

The official pre-meeting standards papers mailing is now available. It includes the spring meeting agenda, updated issues lists, and a number of new papers including some that came through the public std-proposals forum. (Update: Please also direct discussion about these papers to that forum.)

Note: All of these papers have also been posted already to this site’s Standardization RSS feed. Subscribe to that feed to see the papers as they appear.


N3704 AGENDA, PL22.16 Meeting No. 61, WG21 Meeting No. 56, September 23-28, 2013 - Chicago, IL, USA Stephen D. Clamage 2013-07-13 2013-09      
N3705 Agenda and Meeting Notice for WG21 Telecon Meeting Herb Sutter 2013-07-23 2013-09      
N3706 C++ Distributed Counters Lawrence Crowl 2013-09-01 2013-09 N3355 Concurrency  
N3707 2014-02 Meeting Invitation and Information Herb Sutter 2013-08-06 2013-09      
N3708 A proposal to add coroutines to the C++ standard library O. Kowalke, N. Godspeed 2013-03-04 2013-09   Library  
N3709 Minutes for July 2013 Santa Clara SG1 Meeting H.. Boehm, J. Hoberock, A. Mackintosh 2013-8-29 2013-09      
N3710 Specifying the absence of "out of thin air" results (LWG2265) H. Boehm, et al. 2013-8-29 2013-09   Concurrency  
N3711 Task Groups As a Lower Level C++ Library Solution To Fork-Join Parallelism A. Laksberg, H. Sutter 2013-08-15 2013-09   Concurrency  
N3712 Policy-Based Design for Safe Destruction in Concurrent Containers Arch D. Robison 2013-08-30 2013-09   Concurrency  
N3713 C++ Standard Core Language Active Issues, Revision 85 William M. Miller 2013-09-03 2013-09 N3674 Core  
N3714 C++ Standard Core Language Defect Reports and Accepted Issues, Revision 85 William M. Miller 2013-09-03 2013-09 N3675 Core  
N3715 C++ Standard Core Language Closed Issues, Revision 85 William M. Miller 2013-09-03 2013-09 N3676 Core  
N3716 A printf-like Interface for the Streams Library Zhihao Yuan 2013-08-18 2013-09 N3506 Library  
N3717 SG5: Transactional Memory (TM) Meeting Minutes 2013/06/24-2013/08/26 Michael Wong 2013-08-30 2013-09      
N3718 Transactional Memory Support for C++ M. Wong, V. Luchangco, J. Maurer, M. Moir, et al. 2013-08-30 2013-09   Evolution  
N3719 Extend INVOKE to support types convertible to target class Tomasz Kamiński 2013-08-17 2013-09   Library  
N3720 Working Draft Technical Specification - URI G. Matthews, D. Berris 2013-08-30 2013-09 N3625 Networking  
N3721 Improvements to std::future<T> and Related APIs N. Gustafsson, A. Laksberg, H. Sutter, S. Mithani 2013-08-30 2013-09 N3634 Concurrency  
N3722 Resumable Functions N. Gustafsson, D. Brewis, H. Sutter, S. Mithani 2013-08-30 2013-09 N3650 Concurrency  
N3723 Extend operator-> to support rvalues Pascal Constanza 2013-08-23 2013-09   Evolution  
N3724 A Parallel Algorithms Library J. Hoberock, O. Giroux, V. Grover, H. Sutter, et al. 2013-08-30 2013-09 N3554 Concurrency  
N3725 Original Draft Specification of Transactional Language Constructs for C++ Version 1.1 (February 3, 2012) M. Wong, A. Adl-Tabatabai, T. Shpeisman, J. Gottschlich 2013-08-30 2013-09   Evolution  
N3726 Polymorphic Memory Resources Pablo Halpern 2013-09-02 2013-09 N3525 Library  
N3727 A proposal to add invoke function template Tomasz Kamiński 2013-08-01 2013-09   Library  
N3728 Packaging Parameter Packs (Rev. 2) Mike Spertus 2013-09-03 2013-09 N3416 Reflection  
N3729 Invocation type traits Mike Spertus 2013-09-02 2013-09 N3579 Library  
N3730 Specializations and namespaces Mike Spertus 2013-08-28 2013-09   Evolution  
N3731 Executors and schedulers, revision 2 C. Mysen, N. Gustafsson 20130825 2013-09 N3562 Concurrency  
N3732 Value-Oriented Concurrent Unordered Containers A. Robison, A. Potapov, A. Malakhov 2013-08-30 2013-09   Concurrency  
N3733 ISO/IEC CD 14882, C++ 2014, National Body Comments Barry Hedquist 2013-08-26 2013-09      
N3734 Vector Programming: A proposal for WG21 Robert Geva 2013-09-02 2013-09   Concurrency  
N3735 On the difference between parallel loops and vector loops Robert Geva 2013-09-02 2013-09   Concurrency  
N3736 C++ Standard Evolution Active Issues List (Revision R03) Ville Voutilainen 2013-08-27 2013-09 N3682 Evolution  
N3737 C++ Standard Evolution Completed Issues List (Revision R03) Ville Voutilainen 2013-08-27 2013-09 N3683 Evolution  
N3738 C++ Standard Evolution Closed Issues List (Revision R03) Ville Voutilainen 2013-08-27 2013-09 N3684 Evolution  
N3739 Improving pair and tuple, revision 1 Daniel Krügler 2013-09-02 2013-09 N3680 Library  
N3740 A Proposal for the World's Dumbest Smart Pointer, v2 Walter E. Brown 2013-08-30 2013-09 N3514 Library  
N3741 Toward Opaque Typedefs for C++1Y, v2 Walter E. Brown 2013-08-30 2013-09 N3515 Evolution  
N3742 Three <random>-related Proposals, v2 Walter E. Brown 2013-08-30 2013-09 N3547 Library  
N3743 Conditionally-supported Special Math Functions for C++14, v2 Walter E. Brown 2013-08-30 2013-09 N3548 Library  
N3744 Proposing [[pure]] Walter E. Brown 2013-08-30 2013-09   Evolution  
N3745 Feature-testing recommendations for C++ Clark Nelson 2013-08-28 2013-09 N3694 Evolution  
N3746 Proposing a C++1Y Swap Operator, v2 Walter E. Brown 2013-08-30 2013-09 N3553 Evolution  
N3747 A Universal Model for Asynchronous Operations Christopher Kohlhoff 2013-09-01 2013-09   Concurrency  
N3748 Implicit Evaluation of "auto" Variables and Arguments P. Gottschling, J. Falcou, H. Sutter 2013-08-30 2013-09   Evolution  
N3749 Constexpr Library Additions: functional Marshall Clow 2013-08-31 2013-09   Library  
N3750 C++ Ostream Buffers Lawrence Crowl 2013-09-01 2013-09   Concurrency  
N3751 Object Lifetime, Low-level Programming, and memcpy Gabriel Dos Reis 2013-09-03 2013-09   Undefined behavior  
N3752 Index Based Ranges A. Shödl, F. Fracassi 2013-08-30 2013-09   Ranges  
N3753 Centralized Defensive-Programming Support for Narrow Contracts (Revision 1) J. Lakos, A. Zakharov 2013-08-30 2013-09 N3604 Library  
N3754 C++ Standard Library Active Issues List (Revision R84) Alisdair Meredith 2013-09-03 2013-09 N3687 Library  
N3755 C++ Standard Library Defect Report List (Revision R84) Alisdair Meredith 2013-09-03 2013-09 N3688 Library  
N3756 C++ Standard Library Closed Issues List (Revision R84) Alisdair Meredith 2013-09-03 2013-09 N3689 Library  
N3757 Support for user-defined exception information and diagnostic information in std::exception Emil Dotchevski 2013-08-30 2013-09   Library  
N3758 Standard exception information types for std::exception Emil Dotchevski 2013-08-30 2013-09   Library  
N3759 SIMD Vector Types Matthias Kretz 2013-08-30 2013-09   Library  
N3760 [[deprecated]] attribute Alberto Ganesh Barbati 2013-09-01 2013-09 N3394 Core  
N3761 Proposing type_at<> Sean Middleditch 2013-08-29 2013-09   Library  
N3762 string_view: a non-owning reference to a string, revision 5 Jeffrey Yasskin 2013-09-01 2013-09 N3685 Library  
N3763 Traversable arguments for container constructors and methods, wording revision 4 Jeffrey Yasskin 2013-09-01 2013-09 N3686 Library  
N3764 Ruminations on relational operators Ville Voutilainen 2013-09-02 2013-09   Library  
N3765 On Optional Tony Van Eerd 2013-9-01 2013-09   Library  
N3766 The identity type transformation Jeffrey Yasskin 2013-09-03 2013-09   Library  


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