New paper: N3774, C++ Needs Language Support For Vectorization -- Axel Naumann, Sandro Wenzel

A new WG21 paper is available. A copy is linked below, and the paper will also appear in the next normal WG21 mailing. If you are not a committee member, please use the comments section below or the std-proposals forum for public discussion.

Document number: N3774

Date: 2013-09-19

C++ Needs Language Support For Vectorization

by Axel Naumann, Sandro Wenzel


In this paper we argue that vectorization is a very different concept to parallelization and needs to be supported explicitly by the language. The lack of C++ support for explicit vectorization costs factors (2 to 4 in real code) of performance on current commodity hardware. We demonstrate why we believe vectorization is a much needed language feature. The arguments presented in this paper are based on, and accompanied by, performance measurements of code used at CERN.

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