LLVM Toolchain on Windows -- Chandler Carruth

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Have you been waiting to use clang until it works on Windows? Your wait is over. The inimitable Chandler Carruth from Google announced an honest-to-god Windows installer for the LLVM toolchain that integrates into Visual Studio, and links with the native C++ runtime.

A Path Forward for an LLVM Toolchain on Windows

by Chandler Carruth

[...] we’ve been driving many of the efforts around compatibility with Visual Studio and native Windows C++ code in Clang and LLD (the LLVM linker). Today, as announced at my GoingNative 2013 talk, we are able to build a trivial C++ application that in turn links against native C++ libraries and uses them in real, interesting ways. This is a huge milestone for the project, and something we’re really excited to be talking more about.

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