HPX version 0.9.6 released -- Stellar Group, LSU

stellar-group.PNGThe Stellar Group at Louisiana State University has released version 0.9.6 of High Performance Parallex (HPX) for Linux, MacOS, Windows, and Android.

HPX V0.9.6 Released

The STE||AR Group is proud to announce the sixth formal release of HPX (V0.9.6). ...

From the announcement:

In this release we have made several significant changes:

  • Consolidated API to be aligned with the C++11 (and the future C++14) Standard
  • Implemented a distributed version of our Active Global Address Space (AGAS)
  • Ported HPX to the Xeon-Phi device
  • Added support for the SLURM scheduling system
  • Improved the performance counter framework
  • Added a distributed version of the Active Global Address Space (AGAS)
  • Added parcel (message) compression and parcel coalescing systems
  • Allow different scheduling polices for different parts of code with experimental executors API
  • Added experimental security support on the locality level
  • Created a native transport layer on top of Infiniband networks
  • Created a native transport layer on top of low level MPI functions
  • Added an experimental tuple-space object

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