New paper: N3696, Proposal to extend atomic with priority update functions -- Bronek Kozicki

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Note: This paper explores potential future standardization directions and alternatives. It does not discuss or propose to amend the C++14 Committee Draft paper whose ballot is currently in progress.


A new WG21 paper is available. A copy is linked below, and the paper will also appear in the next normal WG21 mailing. If you are not a committee member, please use the comments section below or the std-proposals forum for public discussion.

Document number: N3696

Date: 2013-06-26

Proposal to extend atomic with priority update functions

by Bronek Kozicki


Paper [1] identifies a range of concurrent algorithms which, when implemented using the above described primitive, exhibit very good performance characteristics. If such algorithms were to become more popular in C++ , it would be useful to provide the primitive in <atomic>, rather than rely on the user to "Bring Your Own". This would serve the purpose of establishing a primitive which can be used for reasoning about, writing and reading of such concurrent algorithms, as well as allow users to automatically benefit from the hardware support for certain specializations of these operations, where it is available [2].

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