Core C++, 8 and 9: From do-while to variadic array sorter to lambdas -- Stephan T. Lavavej

core-8-9.PNGThe two latest C++ lectures by Stephan T. Lavavej, the eponymous STL, are now available:

Core C++, 8 of n

In part 8, STL digs into the do-while loop, casts, one definition rule (ODR), and his variadic template array sorter. There is a lot of information in this episode, so get comfortable, tune in, and learn.

Core C++, 9 of n

In part 9, STL digs into lambdas and other expressions. Lambdas are very useful and you've no doubt been enjoying them in your modern C++ programming. As you can imagine, STL will go deep and teach you things about lambdas that you may not know. You'll also learn a lot about order of precedence and associativity for expressions in only the way Stephan can teach you (thorough treatment). Tune in.

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