Thanks to our Bristol hosts!

I would like to personally thank (again) our hosts for last week's ISO C++ standards meeting in Bristol, notably Roger Orr and our U.K. national body host BSI, as well as the sponsors who supported the meeting financially and otherwise: ACCU, Google, Archer-Yates, Getco, Red Hat, and Gnu C++ User.


Our hosts and sponsors not only provided great facilities, but demonstrated grace under pressure when the registered attendee count rose beyond expectations weeks before the meeting, and then continued to rise, ending up far above recent attendance records. Our hosts rose to the occasion, providing meeting space for more national body experts and more subgroups meeting in parallel than we've seen for some 15 years. And they generously fed everyone lunch each day for six days, going well above and beyond expectations. (The hosts for the Chicago meeting this fall have taken notice and are preparing accordingly, and we appreciate their generosity as well.)

Aside: My trip report graph shows that there were 100 experts attending last week, but that's conservative. We had 102 pre-registered to attend, and it looks like the final count will be 107 at the meeting; I'm waiting for the confirmed number and will update that trip report when I get it. For comparison, up till 2011 the average meeting attendance was half that.

Thanks again, Roger and BSI and all of our meeting sponsors! It was a well-hosted, smoothly run, and very productive meeting. Thank you.

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