Clang reaches 100%: Fully compliant compiler expected this summer

Reported via Twitter by ISO C++ project editor Stefanus Du Toit:

Clang is C++11 feature complete as of *just now*! Here's the final commit by Richard Smith: … #llvm #cxx11

With Richard Smith's commit to finish thread_local support, Clang is now believed to be code-complete for full C++11 support.

As Clang usually releases twice a year, industry observers expect this means we will see at least one fully C++11-conforming commercial compiler available in the marketplace by this summer.

Congratulations, Clang development team!

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seth said on Apr 21, 2013 09:12 AM:

There's also a post on the LLVM blog that gives more details:
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Cedric M said on Jun 17, 2013 06:00 AM:

When will llvm's libc++ be supported on Windows?
It would be of tremendous help for Windows developers and multiplatform developers as well as for for students / academics Learning/teaching c++ 11.

Also any tutorial writer interested in writing a tutorial (or even better video tutorial) on working with clang on Windows for c++ development?

It seems to me clang + libc++ + QT + Boost + other high quality libraries could open lots of multiplatform opportunities to c++ 11 developers.