Qt Creator 2.7.0: More C++11, and C++11 Now Default

Qt Creator 2.7.0 is now available, and includes more C++11 support including that C++11 mode is now on by default.

Qt Creator 2.7.0 Released

by Eike Ziller

C++ support in Qt Creator got even more improvements for C++11, like handling of alignof, alignas and noexcept, brace initializers, and more lambda fixes. Also, if Qt Creator cannot find out if your tool chain expects C++11 or C++98/03, it defaults to C++11 now, for a better out of the box experience.

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Aditya said on Apr 20, 2013 09:45 PM:

The link does not load as of now. I use Qt creator a lot (for browsing llvm source code mostly)
1. I would like to know if Qt Creator has support for the syntax of lambda function.
2. Currently, the member functions of class cannot be browsed (using shortcut F2) when referenced via an iterator. Is possible to do that in this new version?