C++ Training at All Levels -- Leor Zolman

On-Site C++ Training at All Levels

by industry veteran Leor Zolman


Note: For a limited time, any 4- or 5-day training includes the C++11 Overview.


Our C++ and C seminars have been designed by some of the best-known, most effective C++ educators practicing today. In addition to materials created by Leor our C++ training repertoire features courses licensed from and supported by industry leaders Dan Saks and Stephen C. Dewhurst.

A Whirlwind Overview of C++11 (1/2-day, author: Leor Zolman)

Advanced C++  (Author: Stephen C. Dewhurst)

Effective C++ (3-, 4- and 5-day versions of courseware by Scott Meyers based on his books)

An Effective Introduction to the Standard Template Library (STL) (Author: Scott Meyers)

C++ for Non-C Programmers (Author: Leor Zolman)

C++ and Object-Oriented Programming (a.k.a. C++ for C Programmers). (Author: Dan Saks)

A sample unit of any course is available upon request.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an on-site training at your location!

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matt said on Jan 16, 2013 08:47 PM:

A small note in the quality control context: one of the links describes "Standard Template Library (or STL)" as "a major recent addition to the C++ language" (perhaps related to the "Copyright © 2001-2003")

... wink
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Leor Zolman said on Jan 17, 2013 07:49 AM:

Thanks Matt, I've reworded that a bit... yes, the descriptions have not been edited in a while.
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matt said on Jan 19, 2013 05:17 PM:

Leor: No problem!