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GoingNative 47: MSVC++ is* C++17 standard library feature complete!

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*as of this video's release date, for the standard library


An in-depth look at what new C++17 standard library features are available in yet another round of STL updates:

GoingNative 47: MSVC++ is* C++17 standard library feature complete!

by Gabriel Ha

From the video:

as_const(), std::<chrono> helper functions, expression SFINAE in std::result_of and std::function, Improving overload detection for std::pair and std::tuple...

How to try these updates:

Try out the latest C++ compiler toolset—Andrew Pardoe

Today the Visual C++ team is announcing a new experiment: releasing the VC++ toolset as a NuGet package that can be added to any C++ project or solution targeting desktop:

Try out the latest C++ compiler toolset without waiting for the next update of Visual Studio

by Andrew Pardoe

From the article:

Why might you want to try out new tools? There’s a lot of change happening in Visual C++ today: support for new features going into the C++17 language such as Coroutines...

Compiler improvements in VS 2015 Update 2—Andrew Pardoe

The C++ compiler team is excited for you to try out the compiler in Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 CTP 1. Let’s dive into some of the feature improvements they have made in the compiler for Update 2:

Compiler improvements in VS 2015 Update 2

by Andrew Pardoe

From the article:

Since Update 1 we’ve made progress on being Standards-conformant for lot of C++11 and C++14 features...

VS 2015 Update 2’s STL is C++17-so-far Feature Complete—Stephan T. Lavavej

Good news from the Visual C++ team: in Visual Studio Update 2, they have implemented every C++ Standard Library feature that's been voted into C++11, C++14, and the C++17-so-far Working Paper N4567:

VS 2015 Update 2's STL is C++17-so-far Feature Complete

by Stephan T. Lavavej

From the article:

Update 2's STL fully supports N3462 "SFINAE-Friendly result_of" and LWG 2132 "std::function ambiguity"...

New Security Feature in Visual Studio 2015

An article about a security feature in Visual Studio 2015, called Control Flow Guard.

Visual Studio 2015 Preview: Work-in-Progress Security Feature

by Jim Hogg

From the article:

By simply adding a new option to your Project, the Visual C++ compiler will inject extra security checks into your binaries. These will detect attempts to hijack your code. The check will stop execution of your code, before the hijacker can do damage to your data or PC...