Dive into C++11 -- Arkanoid clone in 160 lines of code (SFML2)


I'm Vittorio Romeo, a computer science student, hobbyist game developer and C++ enthusiast.

I've created a 40 minute tutorial/screencast on the creation of a complete game using C++11 and SFML2. The end result is a playable Arkanoid/Breakout clone with a paddle, a ball and destroyable bricks.

I divided the code in 9 segments, that I analyze and execute individually.

The point of the video is showing how easy it is to create something playable thanks to the C++11 standard, and to show a possible train of thought that can be taken during game development.

I greatly appreciate comments and criticism, and ideas for future videos/tutorials.

Also, feel free to fork the game's source code here: https://github.com/SuperV1234/Tutorials

If the idea catches on, I'd love to make a video featuring the best forks.

Thanks for watching!