sean parent

An interview with Sean Parent

I had the opportunity to interview Sean Parent!

An Interview with Sean Parent

by Jens Weller

From the Interview:

Lets start with the Introduction, who is Sean Parent?

Introducing yourself is always the toughest question. I’ve been a software developer for nearly 30 years and I’ve been fortunate enough to work on some great products and with some great people. I started my career at a small company, Orange Micro, where I wrote a print spooler for Mac (before MultiFinder) and “hijacked” Apple’s ImageWriter printer drivers to work with a wide variety of printers. I worked at Apple in the QuickDraw GX printing group (GX didn’t survive but lives on in spirit in Skia) and I worked on the PowerMac team that did the transition from 68K processors to PowerPC. I joined the Photoshop team at Adobe during the development of Photoshop 3.0, and managed Adobe’s Software Technology Lab for many years. I worked briefly at Google on the ChromeOS project, and then returned to Adobe where I’ve been working on mobile and web digital imaging products since.

What is your role as a principal scientist at adobe?

The role of a principal scientist in general is to act as a multiplier. I act as a consultant for individuals and groups, I work on various products and projects where I perceive a need. I helped to bring the rendering technology from Lightroom and the Photoshop Camera Raw plugin to mobile, first for the Revel product (a now defunct Lightroom like product for non-professionals) and then for Lightroom Mobile. I also brought the engine up inside the browser which is now part of Lightroom Web.