CppCon 2023 Implementing Coroutines Using C++17 -- Alon Wolf

cpp23-wolf.pngRegistration is now open for CppCon 2024! The conference starts on September 15 and will be held in person in Aurora, CO. To whet your appetite for this year’s conference, we’re posting videos of some of the top-rated talks from last year's conference. Here’s another CppCon talk video we hope you will enjoy – and why not register today for CppCon 2024!

Lightning Talk: Implementing Coroutines Using C++17

by Alon Wolf 

Summary of the talk:

In this lightning talk, we will explore the journey of implementing coroutines in C++17 before they were added to the language in C++20.

The implementation uses macros, template metaprogramming, assembly functions, and more that resulting in working coroutines despite somewhat "horrible" code.

Discover how local variables within the coroutine body were leveraged to calculate frame sizes and ensure correct variable lifetimes during suspension, resumption, and destruction.

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