C++ Safety with Herb Sutter

The U.S. government released a report calling on the technical community to proactively reduce the attack surface area of software infrastructure. Herb tackles the concerns cast on C++ on memory safety.

C++ Safety with Herb Sutter

by Jordi Mon Companys in Software Engineering Daily

From the interview:

It's really, really important as native languages C and C++, not to have our heads in the sand and say, "Oh, well, we've been hearing this for years. All is well." No, it's not. We have work to do. But it's also important not to go to the other extreme, and think that, "Oh, if we just magically wave a wand and make all the world's software, suddenly convert overnight to memory-safe languages", which would be great if it can be done. It's not technically feasible. ut even if we could do that, we're not going to make most of the attacks go away.

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