Breaking Down C++20 Callable Concepts -- John Farrier

Learn about C++20's Callable Concepts, how they improve on SFINAE, and how to use them in your own code.

Breaking Down C++20 Callable Concepts

By John Farrier

From the article:

C++20 Callable Concepts refer to a powerful feature introduced in the C++20 standard that allows developers to specify and enforce constraints on function objects, lambdas, and other callable entities in a more expressive and type-safe manner. Callable Concepts enable the compiler to check if a given callable meets specific requirements, such as having certain member functions or satisfying particular type traits, before allowing it to be used in a template or function. This helps improve code readability, maintainability, and error detection, as it provides clearer and more structured ways to define the expected behavior and capabilities of callables in C++ code.


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