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RaymondChen_5in-150x150.jpgThe C++ standard library array is just a C-style array wrapped inside a class so that it behaves like a normal C++ object instead of a wacky thing that undergoes decay.

Inside STL: The array

By Raymond Chen

From the article:

template<typename T, size_t N>
class array
    T elements[N];

template<typename T>
class array<T, 0>

The only weird case is N = 0. You are allowed to create a zero-length std::array, but C++ does not allow zero-length C-style arrays. The zero-length std::array is just an empty class.

Visual Studio and the Windows debugger come with a visualizer:

0:000> dx a
a                : { size=5 } [Type: std::array<int,5>]
    [<Raw View>]     [Type: std::array<int,5>]
    [0]              : 3 [Type: int]
    [1]              : 1 [Type: int]
    [2]              : 4 [Type: int]
    [3]              : 1 [Type: int]
    [4]              : 5 [Type: int]

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