CppCon 2023 std::simd: How to Express Inherent Parallelism Efficiently Via ... -- Matthias Kretz

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std::simd: How to Express Inherent Parallelism Efficiently Via Data-parallel Types

Monday, October 2 • 15:15 - 16:15

by Matthias Kretz

Summary of the talk:

C++26 is on route to ship `std::simd`, a facility for expressing data-parallelism via the type system, based on experience from `std::experimental::simd` (Parallelism TS v2). Data-parallel types have the potential to replace many uses of built-in arithmetic types with their `simd` counterpart in compute-intensive workloads, promising factors of speed-ups without algorithmic changes.

This talk presents how data-parallel types are designed to be more than just a thin wrapper around SIMD registers and instructions. They are designed to facilitate generic code, work/integrate with standard algorithms, etc, all while translating into efficient use of parallel execution capabilities. More important, data-parallel types are not "just another way to express data-parallel execution", they also provide new ways to design data structures for efficient memory access (high-throughput without sacrificing locality) using data-structure vectorization. The talk features examples of efficient use of `std::simd`.

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