CppCon 2023 Six Ways for Implementing Math Expressions Calculator -- Amir Kirsh

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Six Ways for Implementing Math Expressions Calculator

Wednesday, October 4 • 09:00 - 10:00

by Amir Kirsh

Summary of the talk:

The tradeoffs involved in using runtime polymorphism, based on virtual functions, versus static polymorphism, which relies on Templates, are widely discussed. In this presentation, we aim to delve into this subject by demonstrating a straightforward example of creating a Math Expression Calculator. We will begin with examining the basic pointer-based polymorphism, moving to using smart pointers, comparing the usage of unique_ptr vs. shared_ptr, then explore templates and variadic templates while going through additional topics such as templates specialization, constexpr, type traits, C++20 concepts and more.

The talk presents the multi-paradigm power of C++ and is relevant for any C++ developer who is considering different implementation approaches for modeling the different behavior of entities.

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