CppCon 2023 Effective Ranges: A Tutorial for Using C++2x Ranges -- Jeff Garland

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Effective Ranges: A Tutorial for Using C++2x Ranges

Monday, October 2 • 16:45 - 17:45

by Jeff Garland

Summary of the talk:

This course provides in introduction to using C++ ranges effectively. Ranges are the largest revamp of the Standard Template Library (STL) in 20 years and impacts daily C++ programming dramatically. The presentation provides a survey of C++20 and C++23 ranges and their application. Note that C++14/17 programmers can also benefit since Range v3 library provides an implementation of many of the discussed facilities.

The tutorial goes beyond the basics to explore what's behind the ranges library. For example, understand the key differences between algorithms and views and when to apply them. We'll look at some of the concepts used in the design of ranges. And finally we'll explore how ranges fits into the wider standard library with i/o integration, collection integration, and support of legacy stl algorithms.

Chock full of example code this tutorial will bootstrap programmer's usage of std::ranges.

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