CppCon 2023 Abstraction Patterns for Cross Platform Development -- Al-Afiq Yeong

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Abstraction Patterns for Cross Platform Development

Monday, October 2 • 14:00 - 15:00

by Al-Afiq Yeong

Summary of the talk:

Writing code that's intended to work across multiple platforms; be it hardware, graphics APIs, online storefronts or operating systems can be rather difficult. Many software engineers struggle when it comes to abstracting code especially junior engineers be it for a commercial software or a hobby project. To make matters worse, there's often not a lot of materials covering such as advance topic. This presentation aims to discuss several abstraction patterns that can be used to write cross platform code using the features and tools that C++ and operating system offers, from the bad to the good as well as the benefits and pitfalls of each method in terms of complexity, maintainability and performance. A case study of several cross-platform frameworks will also be included in the presentation. Hopefully this presentation will serve as a starting point and become the main reference for engineers across multiple experience levels across various industries when writing cross platform code.

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