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TimelineCpp.pngC++23 will be the next C++ standard after C++20. This new standard significantly improves C++ but is less game-changing than C++98, C++11, or C++20. C++23 is more in the tradition of C++17.

C++23: The Next C++ Standard

By Rainer Grimm

From the article:

The C++ Standards

C++ is more than 40 years old. What happened in the last years? Here is a simplified answer ending in C++23.


At the end of the 80ths, Bjarne Stroustrup and Margaret A. Ellis wrote their famous book Annotated C++ Reference Manual (ARM). These books served two purposes. First, there were many independent C++ implementations. ARM defined, therefore, the functionality of C++. Second, ARM was the base for the first C++ standard: C++98 (ISO/IEC 14882). C++98 had a few essential features: templates, the standard template library (STL) with its containers and algorithms, strings, and IO streams.


With C++03 (14882:2003), C++98 got a technical correction that is so small that there is no place on my timeline. In the community, C++03, which includes C++98, is called legacy C++.

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