Need Something Sorted? Sleep On It! -- Kevlin Henney

kevlinhenney.jpgSorting algorithms have been thoroughly studied. Kevlin Henney takes an unexpected paradigm journey into sleep sort.

Need Something Sorted? Sleep On It!

by Kevlin Henney

From the article:

A decade ago, I first presented a lightning talk entitled ‘Cool Code’. This short talk evolved into a full talk whose iterations I presented over the next half decade. The focus? Code that, for some reason or other, can be considered cool. For example, code that has played a significant role in historical events, such as the source for the Apollo Guidance Computer [Apollo]. Or code that is audacious – if not seemingly impossible – given its constraints, such as David Horne’s 1K chess [Frogley01]. There is code that is both simple and profound, such as Peter Norvig’s fits-on-a-slide spelling corrector [Norvig16]. And code that demonstrates ingenuity and humour, such as Yusuke Endoh’s Qlobe [Endoh10].

Leaving aside its content for a moment, one of the most interesting things about the talk was its...

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