AddressSanitizer continue_on_error -- Jim Radigan

jim-300x300.jpgVisual Studio 17.6 comes with new functionality in the Address Sanitizer runtime which provides a new “checked build” for C and C++. This new runtime mode diagnoses and reports hidden memory safety errors, with zero false positives, as your app runs.

AddressSanitizer continue_on_error

by Jim Radigan

From the article:

C++ memory safety errors are a top concern for the industry. In Visual Studio 17.6, we deliver a new experimental Address Sanitizer feature: continue_on_error (COE). We’ll remove the experimental label in 17.8. You compile as before, by simply adding the compiler flag -fsanitizer=address. With 17.6 you can enable the COE functionality by setting environment variables from the command line.

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