Concurrency Patterns -- Rainer Grimm

There are many well-established patterns used in the concurrency domain. They deal with synchronization challenges such as sharing and mutation but also with concurrent architectures. Today, I will introduce and dive deeper into them in additional posts.

Concurrency Patterns

by Rainer Grimm

From the article:

The main concern when you deal with concurrency is shared, mutable state or, as Tony Van Eerd put it in his CppCon 2014 talk “Lock-free by Example”: “Forget what you learned in Kindergarten (ie stop Sharing)”. A crucial term for concurrency is a data race. Let me first define this term.

  • Data race: A data race is when at least two threads access a shared variable simultaneously. At least one thread tries to modify the variable. If your program has a data race, it has undefined behavior. This means all outcomes are possible, so reasoning about the program makes no sense anymore.

A necessary condition for a data race is a mutable, shared...

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