C++20 Formatting Library, Parts 1. 2 and 3 -- Gajendra Gulgulia

1*YoSAmfIDl_BLrT70dHAe5Q.pngThe first three parts are live:

C++20 Formatting Library

by Gajendra Gulgulia

Part 1: Setup and Basics

Part 2: Width, Fill and Alignment

Part 3: Sign Specification

From the lead article:

At the time of writing this series, the header format is not yet integrated into latest gcc or clang compiler. According to reference the only two compilers that have so far implemented the standard text formatting libraries are clang-14* and msvc 19.29. Due to limitations in my personal computer, I’ll therefore be using the fmt library on which the standard string formatting library is based. When the compiler support is released, the token fmt::format can be replaced with std::format and the examples in the series should work as it is. ...

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