CppCon 2022 endnote video posted: "Can C++ be 10x simpler and safer ... ?" -- Herb Sutter

The second video from CppCon 2022 has now been posted:

CppCon 2022 talk is online: “Can C++ be 10x simpler & safer ... ?”

by Herb Sutter

From the post:

It was great to see many of you at CppCon, in person and online! It was a really fun conference this year, and the exhibitor hall felt crowded again which was a good feeling as we all start traveling more again.

The talk I gave on Friday is now on YouTube. In it I describe my experimental work on a potential alternate syntax for C++ (aka ‘syntax 2’ or Cpp2 for short) and my cppfront compiler that I’ve begun writing to implement it...

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