PVS-Studio 7.20: Unreal Engine, SAST, SCA

The bug related to Unreal Engine's inability to find PVS-Studio by the default path is finally fixed. Starting from Unreal Engine 5.0.3. you you can analyze projects without any workarounds. We've also enhanced the analysis of UE projects: you'll see more true warnings and fewer false ones.

PVS-Studio 7.20: Unreal Engine, SAST, SCA

by Sergey Vasiliev

From the article:

New diagnostics for C, C++:

  • V1086. Call of the 'Foo' function will lead to buffer underflow.
  • V1087. Upper bound of case range is less than its lower bound. This case may be unreachable.
  • V1088. No objects are passed to the 'std::scoped_lock' constructor. No locking will be performed. This can cause concurrency issues.
  • V1089. Waiting on condition variable without predicate. A thread can wait indefinitely or experience a spurious wake up.

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