CppCon 2022 opening keynote: Bjarne Stroustrup, live in person

bjarne-s-300x271.jpgCppCon 2022 will kick off on Monday, September 11 with Bjarne Stroustrup delivering the traditional opening keynote live in person in Aurora. Bjarne’s annual opening keynote for CppCon is one of the most anticipated and most watch talks in C++, and among the most viewed presentations on the CppCon YouTube ChannelRegistration is open attend in person to be in the room for this keynote, to watch and submit questions live online, or do both...

Opening 2022 Keynote: C++ in Constrained Environments

Bjarne Stroustrup, live in person

C++ is widely used in constrained and/or critical applications and infrastructure components. How do we manage to use a large multi-purpose language in such environments? How can we better use facilities and techniques from modern C++ (C++11, C++14, C++17, C++20, and beyond)? The best answer is not “use only facilities available in C and C++ in 1985.”

This talk focuses on a top-down approach to achieve simplicity, maintainability, performance, and various forms of safety. It touches upon the C++ Core Guidelines, compile-time computation, type-and-resource safety, type deduction, the span and chrono standard libraries, and error handling.

Every year, Bjarne Stroustrup gives an important C++ talk in his CppCon opening keynote. Be at CppCon again this year, on-site or on-line, as Bjarne Stroustrup flies us above this complex landscape of issues and shines a spotlight on the most important things to know, and to think about, in C++ in 2022. This year we aim to leave extra extended time for real-time questions and answers with the live audience. Come to the talk, bring your questions, and don’t miss out!

Registration is now open for both online and in-person attendees so don’t miss out on CppCon 2022 this September 11-16. Register today!

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