2022-04 Mailing Available

The 2022-04 mailing of new standards papers is now available.


WG21 Number Title Author Document Date Mailing Date Previous Version Subgroup
P0429R8 A Standard flat_map Zach Laine 2022-04-18 2022-04 P0429R7 LWG Library
P0957R7 Proxy: A Polymorphic Programming Library Mingxin Wang 2022-04-19 2022-04 P0957R6 LEWGI SG18: LEWG Incubator,LEWG Library Evolution
P1061R2 Structured Bindings can introduce a Pack Barry Revzin 2022-04-22 2022-04 P1061R1 EWG Evolution
P1169R4 static operator() Barry Revzin 2022-04-10 2022-04 P1169R3 CWG Core
P1222R3 A Standard flat_set Zach Laine 2022-04-18 2022-04 P1222R2 LWG Library
P1223R4 find_last Zach Laine 2022-04-15 2022-04 P1223R3 LEWG Library Evolution,LWG Library
P1467R9 Extended floating-point types and standard names David Olsen 2022-04-22 2022-04 P1467R8 CWG Core,LWG Library
P1642R8 Freestanding Library: Easy [utilities], [ranges], and [iterators] Ben Craig 2022-04-13 2022-04 P1642R7 LWG Library
P1673R7 A free function linear algebra interface based on the BLAS Mark Hoemmen 2022-04-14 2022-04 P1673R6 LEWG Library Evolution
P1674R1 Evolving a Standard C++ Linear Algebra Library from the BLAS Mark Hoemmen 2022-04-14 2022-04 P1674R0 LEWG Library Evolution
P1684R2 mdarray: An Owning Multidimensional Array Analog of mdspan Christian Trott 2022-04-24 2022-04 P1684R1 LEWG Library Evolution
P1967R5 #embed - a simple, scannable preprocessor-based resource acquisition method JeanHeyd Meneide 2022-04-13 2022-04 P1967R4 EWG Evolution
P2071R2 Named universal character escapes Tom Honermann 2022-03-27 2022-04 P2071R1 CWG Core
P2093R14 Formatted output Victor Zverovich 2022-03-25 2022-04 P2093R13 LWG Library
P2174R1 Compound Literals Zhihao Yuan 2022-04-15 2022-04 P2174R0 EWG Evolution
P2198R5 Freestanding Feature-Test Macros and Implementation-Defined Extensions Ben Craig 2022-04-13 2022-04 P2198R4 LWG Library
P2266R3 Simpler implicit move Arthur O'Dwyer 2022-03-26 2022-04 P2266R2 CWG Core
P2278R3 cbegin should always return a constant iterator Barry Revzin 2022-04-11 2022-04 P2278R2 LEWG Library Evolution
P2280R4 Using unknown references in constant expressions Barry Revzin 2022-04-10 2022-04 P2280R3 CWG Core
P2286R7 Formatting Ranges Barry Revzin 2022-04-22 2022-04 P2286R6 LEWG Library Evolution
P2300R5 `std::execution` Michał Dominiak 2022-04-22 2022-04 P2300R4 SG1 Concurrency and Parallelism,LEWG Library Evolution
P2302R4 std::ranges::contains Christopher Di Bella 2022-04-16 2022-04 P2302R3 All of WG21
P2305R5 Type inference for object definitions Jens Gustedt 2022-04-08 2022-04 P2305R4 SG22 Compatability
P2322R6 ranges::fold Barry Revzin 2022-04-22 2022-04 P2322R5 LEWG Library Evolution
P2400R3 Library Evolution Report: 2021-09-28 to 2022-01-25 Bryce Adelstein Lelbach 2022-04-21 2022-04 P2400R2 All of WG21
P2408R5 Ranges iterators as inputs to non-Ranges algorithms David Olsen 2022-04-22 2022-04 P2408R4 LWG Library
P2472R2 make function_ref more functional Jarrad J. Waterloo 2022-04-14 2022-04 P2472R1 LEWG Library Evolution
P2505R2 Monadic Functions for std::expected Jeff Garland 2022-04-15 2022-04 P2505R1 LEWG Library Evolution,LWG Library
P2510R2 Formatting pointers Mark de Wever 2022-04-14 2022-04 P2510R1 LWG Library
P2538R1 ADL-proof std::projected Arthur O'Dwyer 2022-04-01 2022-04 P2538R0 LEWG Library Evolution,LWG Library
P2539R1 Should the output of std::print to a terminal be synchronized with the underlying stream? Victor Zverovich 2022-04-11 2022-04 P2539R0 LEWG Library Evolution
P2542R1 views::concat Hui Xie 2022-03-28 2022-04 P2542R0 SG9 Ranges,LEWG Library Evolution
P2546R1 Debugging Support René Ferdinand Rivera Morell 2022-04-10 2022-04 P2546R0 LEWG Library Evolution
P2559R0 Plan for Concurrency Technical Specification Version 2 Bryce Adelstein Lelbach 2022-04-01 2022-04   SG1 Concurrency and Parallelism,EWG Evolution,LEWG Library Evolution
P2573R0 = delete("should have a reason"); Yihe Li 2022-04-14 2022-04   EWGI SG17: EWG Incubator,EWG Evolution
P2574R0 2022-05 Library Evolution Polls Bryce Adelstein Lelbach 2022-04-22 2022-04   LEWG Library Evolution
P2576R0 The constexpr specifier for object definitions Jens Gustedt 2022-04-08 2022-04   SG22 Compatability
P2577R0 C++ Modules Discovery in Prebuilt Library Releases Daniel Ruoso 2022-04-11 2022-04   SG15 Tooling

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