20 Smaller yet Handy C++20 Features--Bartlomiej Filipek

And handy they are.

20 Smaller yet Handy C++20 Features

by Bartlomiej Filipek

From the article:

C++20 is huge and filled with lots of large features. Just to mention a few: Modules, Coroutines, Concepts, Ranges, Calendar & Timezone, Formatting library.

But, as you know, that’s not all.

Depending on how we count, C++20 brought around 80 Library features and 70 language changes, so there’s a lot to cover smile

In this article, I’ll show you 20 smaller C++20 things that are very handy and good to know. Ten language elements, and ten more for the Standard Library. Most of them with a cool example.

Let’s jump right into the text!

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