The Evolutions of Lambdas in C++14, C++17 and C++20--Jonathan Boccara

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The Evolutions of Lambdas in C++14, C++17 and C++20

by Jonathan Boccara

From the article:

Lambdas are one of the most popular features of Modern C++. Since their introduction in C++11, they’ve become ubiquitous in C++ code.

But since their appearance in C++11, they have evolved and gained significant features. Some of those features help write more expressive code, and since using lambdas is so common now, it is worth it to spend time learning what we can do with them.

Our goal here is to cover the major evolutions of lambdas, but not all the little details. A comprehensive coverage of lambdas would be more suited for a book than an article. If you want to dig more, I recommend Bartek’s book C++ Lambda Story, that will tell you everything.

The general evolution of lambdas is to give them able the capabilities of function objects manually defined.

This articles assumes you know the basics of lambdas in C++11. Let’s take it from C++14...

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