Embrace Your Problem Domain With Strong Types! -- Richard Thomson

Utah C++ Programmers has released a new video.

Embrace Your Problem Domain With Strong Types!

by Richard Thomson

From the video description:

Every piece of software we write fits into some sort of specific problem domain. Programming isn't about writing programs! Programming is about solving problems. [...]

One area that is often overlooked when modeling our problem domain is coming up with abstractions for the most common and simple values used in our programs. "We need to store a telephone number for the customers in our inventory system." "OK, let's use a std::string, that ought to do it."

That's certainly an expedient solution, but is it a good solution? [...]

This month, Richard Thomson will give us a guided tour on how we can write domain specific types in C++. We'll take a look at facilities provided directly by the language to roll our own types and we'll look at some library solutions that save us from writing lots of boiler plate.

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