C++ Ecosystem in 2021, JetBrains research

Every year we ask thousands of developers, with various backgrounds from all around the globe, dozens of questions, which we have localized into many different languages. We then clean, weigh, and process the data carefully, and validate it against other data sources. Our goal is to extract the key trends, which we will present through infographics to the public. This data is used across JetBrains to help our team make the right decisions on both global and product-levels. We are happy to share this data with the community so we can all thrive together!

C++ Ecosystem in 2021

by Anastasia Kazakova

The article shares the recent findings and the comments from Matt Godbolt (creator of Compiler Explorer) and Andreas Kling (creator of SerenityOS):

  • In 2021, 1 in 5 C++ developers are using the latest officially signed C++20 standard even though it’s not yet fully supported in all major compilers!
  • Top-3 C++20 big features and how many developers plan to adopt them soon: 48% for Modules, 46% for Concepts, and 33% for Coroutines.
  • The majority of C++ developers prefer code analysis tools bundled into their IDEs.
  • Top-3 most popular build systems in C++ through the last 5 years is CMake, Makefile, msbuild.
  • A third of developers not writing any unit tests at all.

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