CLion 2021.2: CMake Presets, GNU Autotools Projects, Debugger Updates, Lifetimes Analysis

CLion 2021.2 is here, helping you keep up with the changing C++ ecosystem!

CLion 2021.2: CMake Presets, GNU Autotools Projects, Debugger Updates, New Static Analysis, and More

by Anastasia Kazakova

From the article:

The C++ ecosystem is evolving, and so too is our cross-platform C/C++ IDE. CLion 2021.2 can help you by protecting your code from typical C++ memory safety issues, simplifying your build configurations, and making debugging easier and more effective.

  • Project models
    • Initial support for CMake Presets
    • CMake New Project templates
    • Support for GNU Autotools projects and Make preconfiguration steps
  • Debugger
    • Relaxed breakpoints, and breakpoints in disassembly view
    • Preview tab for the debugger
    • Remote LLDB and bundled LLDB 12
    • Better Natvis support and support for minidumps on Windows
    • FreeRTOS thread view
  • Lifetimes analysis, for catching common issues like dangling pointers and escaping from a local scope
  • Integration with Cling, an interactive C++ interpreter
  • Profiling in remote mode and on WSL
  • Easier Docker and WSL configuration
  • Text search in Local History and many VCS updates
  • Localized CLion UI in Chinese, Korean, and Japanese

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