Beta-Testing of PVS-Studio Plugin for JetBrains CLion

To fully test the plugin, you'll need to install both the beta plugin version and the C++ core beta version of the analyzer. There are several ways to install the plugin: from the official repository, from the repository on our site, or using Windows PVS-Studio installer. Below we'll tell you in detail how to do this.

Beta-Testing of PVS-Studio Plugin for JetBrains CLion

by Evgeniy Ovsyannikov, Paul Eremeev

From the article:

We usually recommend running full analysis regularly, such as once a day, at night. In addition to nightly analysis, we highly recommend checking new code immediately after writing it. This way you'll get the best advantage of using the analyzer. To do this, use incremental analysis, which works as follows. A project was changed, a developer runs a build. After successful compilation only modified files will be analyzed. Modified files are the ones that have been changed since the previous analysis.

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