SonarLint for CLion brings static code analysis support for C and C++ projects

The latest release of SonarLint for CLion allows C and C++ developers to detect and fix Bugs, Vulnerabilities, and Code Smells, on the fly, right in the IDE, before code is committed to the repo. SonarLint is a free and open source static analysis extension directly installable from the JetBrains Marketplace.

SonarLint for IntelliJ 4.15 released – C and C++ support for CLion

By Marco Comi

From the article:

We are excited to announce this new version of SonarLint for the IntelliJ family of IDEs, that brings C and C++ support for CLion...Sonarlint will not only detect issues: our accurate rule descriptions will help you understand what is at stake and guide you to fix your issues with examples. In other words you will be able to fix your issues before they are even committed to your repository. For instance, you can have a look at our 500+ types of C++ detections here.

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