Coroutines series--Raymond Chen

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The series continue.

C++ coroutines: Promise constructors

From the article:

So far, all of our coroutine promises have had only a default constructor. But the standard actually gives the promise access to the coroutine parameters, if it wants them...

A map through the three major coroutine series

From the article:

Our long national nightmare is not yet over: The three main coroutine series are now done, although that doesn’t mean I’m done with coroutines.

Here’s a map through the main series, at least. There is a direct route and a number of scenic routes...

A subtle way your await_suspend can access the coroutine frame when it shouldn’t

From the article:

As we learned in the very start of the series on coroutines, the await_suspend method cannot access the coroutine frame once it arranges for the coroutine to resume because that creates a race condition where the coroutine might already be resumed and possibly even run to completion before await_suspend finishes...

by Raymond Chen


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