2021-05 Mailing Available

The 2021-05 mailing of new standards papers is now available.


WG21 Number Title Author Document Date Mailing Date Previous Version Subgroup
P0009R11 MDSPAN Christian Trott 2021-05-15 2021-05 P0009R10 LWG Library
P0009R12 MDSPAN Christian Trott 2021-05-20 2021-05 P0009R11 LWG Library
P0447R14 Introduction of std::colony to the standard library Matt Bentley 2021-04-20 2021-05 P0447R13 SG14 Low Latency,LEWG Library Evolution,All of WG21
P0493R2 Atomic maximum/minimum Al Grant 2021-05-15 2021-05 P0493R1 SG1 Concurrency and Parallelism,LEWG Library Evolution
P1018R10 C++ Language Evolution status pandemic edition 2021/04 JF Bastien 2021-04-28 2021-05 P1018R9 EWG Evolution,All of WG21
P1068R5 Vector API for random number generation Ilya Burylov 2021-05-14 2021-05 P1068R4 LEWG Library Evolution
P1122R4 Proposed Wording for Concurrent Data Structures: Read-Copy-Update (RCU) Paul E. McKenney 2021-05-14 2021-05 P1122R3 All of WG21
P1328R1 Making std::type_info::operator== constexpr Peter Dimov 2021-05-03 2021-05 P1328R0 LWG Library
P1701R2 Inline Namespaces: Fragility Bites Nathan Sidwell 2021-05-04 2021-05 P1701R1 EWG Evolution
P2013R4 Freestanding Language: Optional ::operator new Ben Craig 2021-05-03 2021-05 P2013R3 CWG Core
P2066R7 Suggested draft TS for C++ Extensions for Minimal Transactional Memory Jens Maurer 2021-05-14 2021-05 P2066R6 LEWG Library Evolution,CWG Core
P2093R6 Formatted output Victor Zverovich 2021-05-13 2021-05 P2093R5 SG16 Unicode,LEWG Library Evolution
P2136R3 invoke_r Zhihao Yuan 2021-04-30 2021-05 P2136R2 LWG Library
P2138R4 Rules of Design<=>Specification engagement Ville Voutilainen 2021-04-19 2021-05 P2138R3 EWG Evolution,LEWG Library Evolution
P2168R3 generator: A Synchronous Coroutine Generator Compatible With Ranges Corentin Jabot 2021-04-19 2021-05 P2168R2 LEWG Library Evolution
P2280R2 Using unknown references in constant expressions Barry Revzin 2021-05-15 2021-05 P2280R1 EWG Evolution
P2291R1 Add Constexpr Modifiers to Functions to_chars and from_chars for Integral Types in Header Daniil Goncharov 2021-05-05 2021-05 P2291R0 LEWG Library Evolution,LWG Library
P2299R1 `mdspan` and CTAD Bryce Adelstein Lelbach 2021-04-19 2021-05 P2299R0 LEWG Library Evolution
P2299R2 `mdspan` and CTAD Bryce Adelstein Lelbach 2021-05-20 2021-05 P2299R1 LEWG Library Evolution
P2303R3 Function literals and value closures Jens Gustedt 2021-05-15 2021-05 P2303R2 SG22 Compatability
P2304R2 Improve type generic programming Jens Gustedt 2021-05-15 2021-05 P2304R1 SG22 Compatability
P2305R3 Type inference for variable definitions and function returns Jens Gustedt 2021-05-15 2021-05 P2305R2 SG22 Compatability
P2306R2 Type-generic lambdas Jens Gustedt 2021-05-15 2021-05 P2306R1 SG22 Compatability
P2307R2 Lvalue closures Jens Gustedt 2021-05-15 2021-05 P2307R1 SG22 Compatability
P2311R1 Make false and true first-class language features Jens Gustedt 2021-05-09 2021-05 P2311R0 SG22 Compatability
P2314R2 Character sets and encodings Jens Maurer 2021-05-14 2021-05 P2314R1 CWG Core,LWG Library
P2325R3 Views should not be required to be default constructible Barry Revzin 2021-05-14 2021-05 P2325R2 LEWG Library Evolution
P2328R1 join_view should join all views of ranges Tim Song 2021-05-08 2021-05 P2328R0 LWG Library
P2334R1 Add support for preprocessing directives elifdef and elifndef Melanie Blower 2021-04-30 2021-05 P2334R0 EWG Evolution,CWG Core
P2351R0 Mark all library static cast wrappers as [[nodiscard]] Hana Dusíková 2021-04-25 2021-05   LEWG Library Evolution
P2367R0 Remove misuses of list-initialization from Clause 24 Tim Song 2021-04-29 2021-05   LWG Library
P2368R0 2020 Winter Library Evolution Polls Bryce Adelstein Lelbach 2021-04-27 2021-05   LEWG Library Evolution
P2371R0 P0798R6: Monadic operations for std::optional Sy Brand 2021-04-27 2021-05   LWG Library
P2372R0 Fixing locale handling in chrono formatters Victor Zverovich 2021-05-03 2021-05   LEWG Library Evolution
P2372R1 Fixing locale handling in chrono formatters Victor Zverovich 2021-05-13 2021-05 P2372R0 LEWG Library Evolution,LWG Library
P2374R0 views::cartesian_product Sy Brand 2021-05-04 2021-05   LEWG Library Evolution
P2374R1 views::cartesian_product Sy Brand 2021-05-11 2021-05 P2374R0 LEWG Library Evolution
P2375R0 Generalisation of nth_element to a range of nths Johan Lundberg 2021-05-15 2021-05   EWG Evolution
P2376R0 Comments on Simple Statistical Functions (p1708r4): Contracts, Exceptions and Special cases Johan Lundberg 2021-05-11 2021-05   SG6 Numerics,SG19 Machine Learning
P2377R0 [[nodiscard]] in the Standard Library: Clause 23 Iterators library Christopher Di Bella 2021-05-14 2021-05   LEWG Library Evolution
P2378R0 Properly define blocks as part of the grammar Jens Gustedt 2021-05-15 2021-05   SG22 Compatability
P2380R0 reference_wrapper Associations Robert Leahy 2021-05-15 2021-05   SG4 Networking
P2381R0 Pattern Matching with Exception Handling Jarrad J. Waterloo 2021-05-15 2021-05   EWG Evolution
P2382R0 Presentation Slides for P2123R0 Hal Finkel 2021-05-15 2021-05   LEWG Library Evolution

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