C++ Lambda Story in Print -- Bartlomiej Filipek

<img alt="" data-cke-saved-src="https://www.cppstories.com/2021/images/lambda_print.png" src="https://www.cppstories.com/2021/images/lambda_print.png" 138px;="" height:="" 160px;="" float:="" right;"="" style="float: right; height: 267px; width: 230px;">I'm happy to announce that my book on Lambdas is complete and available in paperback/print version!

C++ Lambda Story in Print

by Bartlomiej Filipek

About the book

I packed my knowledge about lambdas into a beautiful ebook, with lots of examples and additional descriptions. And just as with my book about C++17, I made it available at Leanpub. The platform makes it easy for me to publish new updates, and everyone who has the book can immediately access the latest changes (at no charge). Also, the platform allows you to read it as PDF and Epub, Mobi or Online.

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