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From the index

Debt – My First Thirty Years.
Reflecting on code often reveals gnarliness. Frances Buontempo reminds herself about all the tech debt she’s ever caused.

Questions on the Form of Software.
Writing software can be difficult. Lucian Teodorescu considers whether these difficulties are rooted in the essence of development.

Building g++ From the GCC Modules Branch.
Using the WSL to build the g++ modules branch. Roger Orr demonstrates how to get a compiler that supports modules up and running.

Consuming the uk-covid19 API.
Covid-19 data is available in many places. Donald Hernik demonstrates how to wrangle data out of the UK API.

What is the Strict Aliasing Rule and Why Do We Care?
Type Punning, Undefined Behavior and Alignment, Oh My! Strict aliasing is explained.

Design Patterns emerged last century. Chris Oldwood explains why he thinks they are still relevant.

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