"C++ Move Semantics - The Compete Guide" is Complete and in Print -- Nicolai Josuttis

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The book "C++ Move Semantics - The Complete Guide" is now done and out as ebook or printed.

C++ Move Semantics - The Complete Guide

by Nicolai Josuttis

About the book

On 260 pages (yes, it is that complicated if you want to deal with all the details), Nicolai Josuttis introduces and explains all aspects of C++ move semantics:

  • Intuitive motivation
  • Compelling examples
  • Tricky details

The book covers all aspects of move semantics:

  • From std::move() and rvalue references
  • Over reference qualifiers, invalid moved-from states, and value categories
  • Up to tricky details in generic code using std::forward(), universal/forwarding references, auto&&, and decltype(auto).

Additional chapters about move-only types and the support of move semantics in the C++ standard library help to understand and use standard types in practice.

See cppmove.com for a detailed list of all topics covered.


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